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Past events

The House of Music Singing Workshop – A Choir is Born


"Singing together is the kind of experience you cannot put into words, you can’t write it down, you can’t upload or download it, you just live it in the moment.” Chorus master Árpád Tóth, the founder of the Csíkszerda Choir, a choir made for everyone and anyone!

We sang together at the House of Hungarian Music’s Singing Workshop on 24 March 2018! Kindergarten kids, primary school children and their parents and grandparents all joined in with the magical shared sing-song!

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Instruments in your hands


The House of Hungarian Music Singing Workshop once again hosted the Musical Instrument Petting Zoo, where everything was touchable, usable and playable. In fact, we even made an instrument that all of our little instrument makers will be able to take home as a souvenir.


In Hungary, fewer and fewer children play instruments and enjoy the experience of creating music. The Instruments Petting Zoo nationwide programme encourages children to play music with the goal of educating the musical fans of the future. The activity starts by letting everyone pick out an instrument, with interactive activities and a demonstration of the different musical instruments giving the children a unique opportunity to try out all of the different music-making tools and choose their favourite.

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Sziget Festival


Putting their prejudices aside, everyone stopping by our stage will learn to realise that Mozart is just as cool as Sting, while Beethoven rocks it harder than any rock band and Puccini could have easily written hits for Freddy Mercury.
Visitors to this stage will get the chance to learn about the real face of opera, conduct a symphonic orchestra and discover the magic of jazz.


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Music Workshop


The House of Music Workshop program series on the A38 Boat will continue in the autumn. We look forward to seeing you on 15 September, 27 October and 8 December for a real House of Music experience!

 All the details will soon be posted on the House of Music Facebook page!


Liget Budapest Art Park


Call everyone from your family and your school! The ARTPARK is waiting for you! Meet the animals and get to know some hedgehogs and birds who have been rescued by the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens! Want to juggle clubs? Or spin plates? Or even take a circus selfie in the middle of all the juggling? Then the people of the Budapest City Circus are here to help! Try out the House of Hungarian Music instrument petting zoo and make some your own instruments too! Take the kids to see the Museum of Ethnography’s mobile workshop, where you can make some wonderful family portraits! Build a canoe and give Suhanj a go! Try the wheelchair obstacle course and test your senses in our special game. The Museum of Fine Arts has loads of games related to the fine arts, and you can even become part of an old painting. With the help of the Blind Institute, you can use the Braille typewriter to create fascinating texts to take home, or even learn the basics of basket-making!