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Performing arts

The House of Hungarian Music is open and receptive to all kinds of music, genres, composers and performers. Our goal is to create a program of live music events that reflects this diversity, so classical music, folk, world music, jazz, contemporary and pop music will all have equally important roles to play in the life of the institution.


There will be two completely transparent rooms on the ground floor of the House of Hungarian Music, which will give visitors the sense of being outdoors, sitting beneath the foliage of the trees above. These spaces can be used for concerts, dance shows and workshops. The concert hall will have a capacity of 270 seats, while the venue can also be converted into a hall with both seating and standing room to for hosting concerts and other performances. The second room will primarily be used as an auditorium for presentations, workshops, smaller productions, dance events and conferences. There is also an open-air stage in the lakeside garden location, which will host daytime and evening concerts and small-scale musical activities. What is more, visitors to the House of Hungarian Music will be able to enjoy events seated on the grass to the side of the hall or in the garden next to the stage.


The House of Hungarian Music aspires to be far more than a new Budapest concert venue. The institution also places a great deal of focus on promoting knowledge, education and the nurturing of talent. We welcome all adults and children’s groups who have an interest in music with workshops, dances and museum education activities. There is also space for thematic series of supporting exhibitions, where visitors will learn about the diverse musical cultures of the world. The House of Hungarian Music supports and is a patron of amateur and fledgling musicians and musical movements and is ready to assist them in bringing them to the stage.


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